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Designing EducationCity V2 

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Logo and brand design for Belenox, a management consulting start-up headquartered in Belgium. Belenox puts analytics and business intelligence at the service of industries to help them become more efficient.

Founder Cedric was keen on incorporating the triskelion with a clean, modern look and feel.

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Windows 8 App


EducationCity teamed up with Microsoft to create a promotional Windows 8 app to showcase the product at the BETT show. The app was designed for the Microsoft Surface Tablet device and presented on both the Microsoft and EducationCity exhibition stands to promote the launch of EducationCity V2 for the first time to the public.


Education City Animation

A short showreel containing samples of animation from my work creating online educational content at EducationCity . 

Aimed at primary school children aged 4 – 11, I created animation which featured in various activities and learn screens to help engage children with their learning. 

Roze & the Robots

I was commissioned to create concept artwork as pre-production for an animated film ‘Roze and the Robots’ There was a lot of freedom in creating this artwork since the film was in its very early stages. I kept things sketchy with pen and ink washes, watercolours and sometimes painting directly onto cardboard.

  • Tall Robot Concept
  • tall_rusty
  • garbage_robot
  • garbagebot_rough
  • seaattack

  • small_bots

Illustration: Loomavore

Illustrations for a book aimed at children based loosely on characters from my film The Predatory Habits of Yetis

  • Gnu_Sleepy
  • loomavore1
  • loomavore_gnu
  • glowing
  • piggyback

Parents 1st

Brand design and a selection of illustrations for social enterprise Parents 1st.

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  • suburbs_combined
  • bluescene_terrace
  • flats
  • greengirl__lowdepth_backfocus

The Predatory Habits of Yetis

Inspired by the idea of victorian bestiaries and Shadow of the Colossus, this short animation provides a small glimpse into a world of strange creatures in their natural environment and how their unique adaptations and quirks fit into their bizarre ecosystem.

The main protagonist is a rotund, jelly-like fellow called the Glow Yeti (Loomavore) his transparent body’s camouflage is only compromised when he feasts on nearby fireflies. This naturally attracts some unwanted attention…

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‘Oh, Simone’ Website

Website designed for 6th Independent Film to promote their film ‘Oh, Simone’.

Winner of Best Live Action short at Houston;

“Oh, Simone Deals with themes such as indoctrination, religion and the ‘liberation of women, offering an alternative take on some of society’s many difficult issues.”

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  • OhSimone1
  • OhSimone4
  • OhSimone3